Spare parts

This information is about the possibility of finding all available spare parts for products made by NIBE. The search function is based on the serial number, which is stated on the data plate.

State the serial number of the product:
Stated on the data plate on the product

If you cannot locate the data plate on the NIBE-product or if the same was manufactured earlier than in the year 2000 the searching can be made by stating the name of the product and the estimated date of manufacture of the product. However, this type of search will not be as exact as a search based on the serial number.

Search by means of the product
and its manufacturing date

If you wish to list all products as well as the position in which a certain spare part is used, you may search by means of the item number of the spare part.

Search by means of the item number of the spare part

If you want to get prices on spare parts to a certain product, use one of the search functions above.

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